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Extra Sleep Orthopaedic Dual Comfort (Hard & Soft)

Foam Mattress

Delightful comfort of softness, and orthopedic care of firmness, delivered to you in one single mattres

Dual Comfort

Serving foamy softness for comfort on one side, admirable firmness on other. Switch sides according to your needs, and no one will call you selfish.


Your perfect PU foam mattress served to you, directly from factory, making it extremely affordable.


Your search for an Orthopaedic mattress ends here. Get relief from your back and neck pain.

Warranty of 10 years

Reinforced polyurethane foam mattress is highly durable in all conditions.

Custom - Orthopaedic Dual Comfort (Hard & Soft) Foam Mattress

2 sq. in.

600+ Reviews
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Comfort delivered using three complementary layers.

Quilted Breathable Knitted Fabric

This topmost layer keeps your PU foam mattress rejuvenated. While giving your skin a premium feel, this well-knitted fabric allows air to flow through fabric, keeping the bonded foam mattress cool.

Premium Comfort Foam

This layer is designed to give your body a cloudy coutioning feel. This premium foam adjusts to the shape of your body and keeps it in perfect shape while you sleep, giving you the best orthopaedic relaxation.

Strong Inner Rebonded Foam Core

This polyurethane foam mattress uses reinforced foam that distributes your body weight equally on the mattress. This helps you achieve unmatched orthopedic comfort as well as making it durable.

Comfort delivered using three complementary layers.


Switchable Sides

According to your comfort requirement, you can switch sides of this mattress. This mattress has dual comfort. One side is soft and the other is firm. You can switch sides, according to your needs, whenever you want.


This mattress uses high quality breathable knitted fabric. It maintains the flow of air through its membranes and keeps your mattress fresh. The fabric is knitted in a quilted pattern, hence gives you comfortable nights.


This mattress uses high quality of reinforced polyurethane foam as base which is known for its durability. It is built by professionals and has gone through many durability tests. The high build quality makes it extremely durable.

Kid Friendly

You can let your kids have that pillow fight on this mattress. Neither the kids nor the mattress will be hurt. This polyurethane foam mattress has gone through many tests. The kid’s durability test is one of them. High build quality and strong knitting makes it highly compatible for your kids.


We have eliminated distributor’s commissions, we have eliminated salesmen’s commissions. All these middlemen increase the price of other product but not ours, we have eliminated all of them, and made your mattress highly affordable.


Back Support

You search for back support mattress in foam category ends here. This mattress keeps the spinal structure in shape while you sleep.

Soft Feel

The premium cotton fabric we used in this mattress gives your skin premium luxury feel. The fabric is so soft that you might not want to get up.

Weather Compatibility

You can switch sides whenever you feel like. Both sides have different types of comfort. You can choose sides according to the weather.

This uncommon mattress has dual comfort. One side serves as a soft mattress and other side as a firm mattress. You can flip this mattress according to your need and type of comfort you want. Mattress for back pain, mattress for neck pain in just one mattress, is delivered to you only by Extra Sleep. In the category of bonded foam mattress, this is the best mattress in India.

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