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Extra Sleep Premium Orthopaedic

Pocket Spring Mattress

The essence of luxury sleep acquired by seven layers of comfort. 

Zero Disturbance

Let your partner toss and turn, you will not be disturbed. When pressure is applied, only underneath springs contract, leaving rest of the mattress undisturbed .


The inner spring supports your pressure points and gives you premium orthopaedic comfort.

Body Contour

Pocket spring and body contouring foam topping, relieves pressure points effectively. Relax in comfort, your best spring mattress is there for you.

Reliable for Decade

Get 10 years of exceptional warranty, only with the best spring mattress in India.

Custom - Premium Orthopaedic Pocket Spring Mattress

4 sq. in.

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Your luxury mattress has 7 comforting layers to give you comfortable nights and flawless sleep.

Premium Breathable Knitted Fabric Cover

This soft, breathable and durable fabric encases whole mattress. The layer regulates the humidity and keeps your mattress fresh always, giving you a premium feel on skin.

Quilted Foam Top Comfort Layer

This foam layer is used on both sides. The quilted pattern adds extra relaxation to your pressure points and foam material adds extra cushioning to your pocket spring mattress.

Body Contouring Foam Topping

Body contouring foam layer is employed on both sides to complement pocket springs and increase comfort. This layer supports structure of the spine and neck.

Pocket Spring Inner Support Core

The body contouring and bouncy design of springs, makes your mattress absolute delight. The comforting orthopaedic design of pocket springs is sandwiched amongst 6 premium comforting layers.

Your luxury mattress has 7 comforting layers to give you comfortable nights and flawless sleep.


Different Variants

We understand different needs of different types of sleepers. Your Mattress is available in three sizes of pocket springs: 6, 8, and 10 inches.

Bouncy Comfort

Premium quality pocket springs are well designed to absorb extra force and  produce best bounce for comfort.

No Ups & Downs

Both sides are equipped with the same high quality comforting layers. Both sides give your body an unmatched comfort.

Experts and Experienced

Your premium spring bed mattress is designed by experts and manufactured by experienced workers using latest machinery.

Humidity Regulation

Your mattress will always be fresh. Premium knitted fabric allows air to flow through its membrane and regulates humidity.


Motion Absorb

The inner pocket spring and quilted foam absorbs the extra force applied.

Side Support

Strong PU foam is used as border for strong structure and comfort.

Concave Corners

Corners of mattress designed in concave structure to prevent your kids falling while sleeping.

This pocket spring mattress is designed to relax your body and rejuvenate it. This online pocket spring mattress is an orthopaedic mattress that is aimed at relieving your neck pain and back pain. In all spring bed mattresses, this mattress stands in the limelight, with its amazing features. This luxury mattress is available in 6 inches, 8 inches, and 10 inches of pocket spring height. Single size spring mattress, double spring mattress, queen spring mattress and king size spring mattress, all are available.

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