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Coir Mattress


Orthopedic, hygroscopic, ventilated, anti allergic, natural, durable and affordable Coir Mattress specially created for you.

Orthopedic Satisfaction

Firmness of natural coir, and softness of quilted foam, provides complete care to the spinal structure, making it best coir mattress for back pain and neck pain relief.

10 years of warranty

High build quality and premium materials gives us this confidence.

Unrivaled Comfort

Harmony in firmness and softness gives you unmatched comfort and relief.


Despite its amazing qualities, our Premium Coir Mattress is highly affordable.

Extra Sleep Orthopedic Coir Mattress Back Support Orthopaedic Care


5 Years Warranty

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Four layers of this affordable mattress,
intermingle together to serve complete care of the spinal structure.

Four layers of this affordable mattress,
intermingle together to serve complete care of the spinal structure.

Breathable Premium Cotton Fabric Covering

100% cotton fabric houses other integral layers. Breathability of cotton  prevents suffocation of body

Quilted Foam Layer

This is the 2nd layer above the Coir. It completes the missing part of the coir: SOFTNESS. It complements the coir layer and maintains a harmony of firmness and softness.

Rubberised Natural Coir

This is the main and central layer of mattress. Its rubberized coir is made from 100% natural coconut coir, giving you perfect firmness and support to your spine.

PU Foam layer for base support

High density PU foam layer is integrated as base layer. It gives support to the whole mattress and does not skid on bed base.



100 % natural coir and cotton, ensuring you sleep on an anti-allergic mattress. High quality cotton cover prevents allergens.

Premium Materials

Only premium materials used, to provide luxurious comfort. 100% natural rubberised coir, with high grade cotton, and high density PU foam, come together to provide the best coir mattress.


Air flow is flawless in your rubberized coir mattress. It keeps the mattress cool in summers and warm in winters. Outer cotton fabric ensures air is not trapped inside the mattress.

Kids Friendly

Extremely strong, making it perfect for kids as well. You can let your kids wrestle on the mattress without any worries.


We sell our mattresses directly to customers, without any middleman. This ensures that we can keep our prices low, despite using the best materials in our mattress.


Relax Your Spine

Extra Sleep Premium Coir Mattress uses top quality rubberized coir as its core, that automatically adjust to support your spine.

Cloudy Cushioning

High quality quilted foam with soft natural breathable premium cotton cover, will be the culprit of your oversleep. Next time you are late for office, you can blame us.

Mate for Years

This coir mattress will be your best companion for years. Because we use best materials, so we are able to give you a long 10 years of warranty, even at this affordable price.

Your mattress for back pain is not working for you? The affordable mattress for neck pain you are checking online are not actually affordable? Your last so called durable mattress didn’t last long? Online mattress in India is not actually your type?

Extra Sleep Premium Coir Mattress Back Support Orthopaedic Care is the answer to all these questions.

After years of research and development, Extra Sleep created mattress for back pain relief and mattress for neck pain relief in one coir mattress. We sell our orthopedic mattress directly to customer. No middlemen involved. Hence affordable mattress delivered to your doorstep. premium material used make anti allergic mattress. Strong build quality makes it most durable mattress. 10 years of exceptional warranty provided by Extra Sleep’s Coir Mattress. We made mattress for Indian physique and body type. That how we provide best coir mattress in India.


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