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Memory Foam

Body Posture Contouring Orthopaedic Mattress

Pain relieving – body posture support memory foam mattress. Your secret of energetic days and extra comfortable nights.

Orthopaedic Delight

Memory foam core takes shape of your sleeping posture to support curves and pain points. Your memory foam mattress wakes you up energized every morning.

Memory Foam

The core of mattress is body contouring memory foam. The mattress mimics molding clay and takes shape of your body to support the curves.

10 Years Warranty

The build quality and material is best in class. It gives us confidence to give you an unmatched warranty of 10 years.

Dual Comfort

Top and bottom layers provide different level of softness.One side is soft foam for soft comfort. The other side is firm foam that provides you firm comfort.

Extra Sleep Memory Foam Body Posture Contouring Orthopaedic Mattress

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25 Years Warranty

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Your mattress has four different layers for the best orthopaedic comfort.

Premium Breathable Knitted Fabric Cover

This layer is soft and breathable. It is made of premium fabric in knitted structure with Jacquard patterns. This fabric is soft on skin as well as allows air to flow properly through mattress.

Quilted Foam Top Comfort Layer

For your unmatched comfort, this layer is made of quilted foam that gives your mattress required softness and a premium feel. The quilted pattern gives you an awesome comfort feel on pressure points.

Premium Memory Foam Layer

The soul of your mattress is Posture Contouring Memory Foam. This layer acts as molding clay and takes shape of your body while supporting pressure points and curves of spine.

Strong Inner Foam Core Layer

To support your body weight and to add required firmness, we utilise Strong Inner Foam Core. This foam assists memory foam to contour your shape and bear your body weight. The curves like shoulders and, hips sync in memory foam; strong foam core provides support to them.

Your mattress has four different layers for the best orthopaedic comfort.


Partners for Decades

An unbelievable warranty of 25 years. You don’t just get a mattress, you get a comforting partner for decades.

Air Regulation

Air regulation is flawless. The outer layer is made of breathable fabric that allows constant flow of air.

Blood Circulation

Blood circulation is maintained. The soft foam and memory foam does not block veins and allows proper blood circulation.

Jacquard Pattern

Your mattress is covered with a beautiful Jacquard pattern. The pattern is woven on soft knitted fabric.

Odor Free

Experience fresh and odor free mattress every night. The mattress regulates air properly and doesn’t let any odor establish.



Memory foam specially designed to relax your pain points.

Temperature Control

The mattress maintains its temperature at room level.

Body Contour

Your body weight is contoured by Inner Strong Foam.


This memory foam mattress  is best used as an orthopaedic mattress. Mattress for back pain and mattress for neck pain is combined in just one best memory foam mattress in India. This orthopedic mattress designed in such a way that it relaxes your musculoskeletal structure. Inner body posture support foam keeps your body in perfect shape while you sleep. It has all the qualities of an orthopaedic mattress for back pain and neck pain. Single bed mattress is available. Double bed mattresses for couples are also available. Queen size mattresses and King size mattresses are available, too, for luxury experience.


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